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Can a medical condition lead to DUI charges?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2024 | Criminal Defense

A DUI charge and subsequent conviction can cause significant damage to the life that you’ve built. It can lead to incarceration and large fines and it can strip you of your driving privileges. It can also leave a mark on your record that makes it maintain the employment that you want. To protect your future, then, you need to develop an aggressive criminal defense. One option you might have is demonstrating that your existing medical condition led to an erroneous DUI arrest.

How a medical condition could be key to your DUI defense

The police and prosecutors are probably going to rely on breath test and field sobriety test results to try to obtain a conviction. But there are several medical conditions that can skew the results of these tests. They include:

  • Diabetes, which can cause confusion, lack of coordination, and even slurred speech.
  • High ketone levels in diabetics that lead to high breath test readings.
  • Hypoglycemia, which can lead to dizziness, poor coordination, and disorientation.
  • Sleep apnea, which can leave a driver fatigued and confused after waking up from falling asleep behind the wheel.
  • Heart conditions that leave a driver excessively sweating and struggling to breathe.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders that can cause acid buildup to render breath test results artificially high.

Leave no stone unturned in your DUI defense

There are a lot of ways to approach your drunk driving defense. You should carefully assess each option so that you can choose the one that best positions you for a successful outcome.