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Helping Families Seek Justice For Wrongful Deaths

An accident that claims the life of a loved one leaves tragedy and destruction in its wake. Family members are left scrambling to pick up the pieces. Attorney Justin Summary believes that grieving a sudden loss is enough of a burden. He helps families in and around St. Louis hold those responsible for fatal accidents legally accountable and pursue compensation to offset the financial strife from losing a loved one.

Who Can Pursue A Wrongful Death Claim?

Generally, someone must be an immediate family member of the person who passed away to file a wrongful death claim. The people who can pursue legal action for wrongful death are as follows:

  • Parents
  • Children
  • Children’s descendants
  • Spouses
  • Siblings
  • Other people in the person’s immediate family

If you have lost a loved one but are not an immediate family member, you may be able to request a plaintiff ad litem to handle the claim.

What Benefits Does A Wrongful Death Claim Provide?

To recover compensation from a wrongful death claim, the following elements must be present:

  • A person or party was negligent or intentionally committed a wrongful act
  • The deceased’s passing happened as a direct result of the person or party’s negligence or wrongful act
  • Economic or noneconomic damages resulted from the death

When you file a wrongful death lawsuit, you can recover compensation for things like:

  • Medical bills the deceased incurred before passing away
  • Pain and suffering they endured prior to passing
  • Costs associated with their funeral and burial
  • Loss of the deceased’s income
  • Loss of companionship

No amount of money could ever truly make up for losing a loved one tragically, but it can help families gain some semblance of closure and offset their financial burdens.

Take The First Step Toward Closure For Your Loved One

The idea of taking legal action while you’re grieving can be overwhelming. But all you have to do is reach out, and attorney Summary will take the lead the rest of the way. He would be honored to guide you through the process of a wrongful death lawsuit and help you seek justice for your loved one. To get started, call him at 314-673-1475 or contact him online to schedule a free consultation.