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Drug Overdose Cases

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Years ago, deaths caused by drug overdoses were treated as accidental deaths or deaths caused due to the fault of the deceased. However, this isn’t the case anymore. In the state of Missouri, a person who unlawfully distributes a controlled substance could face homicide charges in connection with a drug overdose that takes another person’s life.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with homicide in connection with a drug overdose case, it is imperative that you retain a highly-skilled and aggressive Missouri criminal defense attorney to help build your defense. At The Summary Law Firm, I have the diligence, experience, and resources to guide and represent clients in their drug-induced homicide cases.

As your legal counsel, I can investigate all the facts of your unique situation thoroughly and craft a strong defense strategy to help fight your charges. In addition, I will fight aggressively to uphold your legal rights and make sure you receive fair treatment in every phase of the legal proceedings. My firm proudly represents clients across St. Louis, St. Charles, St. Louis County, Missouri as well as Madison and St. Clair County, Illinois.

The Opioid Problem in Missouri

Drug overdose – most especially opioid overdose – has become an epidemic in Missouri and across the United States. Unfortunately, this has led to the deaths of many people. According to the most recent statistics from the Missouri DHSS Bureau of Vital Statistics, there were 908 opioid-related deaths statewide in 2016.

The opioid epidemic cuts across all races, genders, age groups, and socioeconomic levels in urban, suburban, and rural communities across Missouri. The most prevalent kinds that circulate include fentanyl, heroin, oxycodone, morphine, methadone, as well as non-prescription and prescription pain relievers.

When a drug overdose results in a death, a number of different parties may be arrested and charged by law enforcement in connection with the drug-induced death. An experienced criminal defense attorney can enlighten you about the penalties and consequences of a homicide charge in a drug overdose case.

Charges Against

Drug Distribution Companies

In the state of Missouri, drug distribution companies have a responsibility to monitor and report any unusual frequency, pattern, rate, or amount of orders by drug stores. Drug distributors are expected to implement controls that prevent drug misuse, diversion into the black market, or over saturating the market with drugs.

Hence, if a person dies as a result of a drug overdose, the company that sold and distributed the drugs may be facing homicide or murder charges. A skilled attorney can evaluate all of the facts of your case thoroughly and help strategize an effective defense.

Charges Against Doctors

Physicians can also face charges in connection with an opioid-related overdose death. Even if the patient overdosed on prescription painkillers recommended by the doctor, a prosecutor might file homicide charges against that physician.

Unfortunately, facing drug-induced homicide charges can jeopardize your reputation, career, and professional and future opportunities. In fact, you may lose your license to practice. Therefore, you need to retain a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer to help uphold your legal rights and fight the allegations against you with substantial facts and evidence.

Charges Against

Drugs Dealers or Providers

In addition, drug dealers or providers may be facing criminal charges for the distribution of controlled substances that caused a drug overdose. Additional resources are dedicated to ensuring the aggressive prosecution of alleged drug dealers or providers in Missouri. Therefore, when under investigation for a drug-induced death, hiring a skilled attorney is crucial to help defend your rights and keep your record as clean as possible.

How The Summary Law Firm Can Help

A drug-induced homicide allegation can be devastating and jeopardize your quality of life, personal reputation, liberty, and future opportunities. Defending your charges without experienced guidance or representation could easily expose you to the risks of being convicted and receiving the maximum punishments. Therefore, retaining a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney is crucial for detailed guidance and to help strategize your best defenses.

With more than 17 years of extensive experience, I will use my extensive knowledge to help you navigate the Missouri criminal justice system and represent you in every phase of the legal process. Also, I will fight vigorously for you, refute the charges against you with factual evidence, and make sure those accusations don’t ruin your life.

Facing homicide and drug delivery charges can be overwhelming. Don’t face them alone. Contact me at The Summary Law Firm today to schedule a simple case evaluation with a drug crimes defense lawyer. I can offer you the highly-personalized legal counsel, reliable advocacy, and aggressive representation you need to fight your criminal charges. My firm proudly represents clients across St. Louis, St. Charles, St. Louis County, Missouri as well as Madison and St. Clair County, Illinois.