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Is an insurance settlement the best option after a car crash?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2024 | Personal Injury

No one relishes the idea of insurance negotiations. Most people usually prefers to resolve insurance issues as quickly as possible after a motor vehicle collision. They don’t want to spend months submitting invoices and receipts to secure compensation. Depending on the injuries and type of coverage sought, the claims process could drag on for months in some cases.

People often put themselves at a major disadvantage in their eagerness to minimize the communications involved in an insurance claim. Frequently, drivers involved in crashes in Missouri accept settlement offers from car insurance companies. Missouri requires that every driver carry liability coverage, as well as uninsured motorist protection.

People might have to negotiate with not just the insurance company of the driver at fault for the crash but also their own insurance provider. A settlement may lead to a faster payout on a claim, which may make it seem like the best option available. However, an insurance settlement can put someone at a disadvantage after a major car crash.

Those who settle usually can’t ask for more

One of the reasons that insurance companies are often eager to offer settlements is that they can end their liability for a collision with one lump sum payment. Even if someone has a huge amount of unforeseen additional expenses, they typically cannot request more compensation after they agree to a settlement.

Claimants usually have to sign an agreement that absolves the company of future obligations before they can receive a settlement check. Those who have major medical expenses, an undrivable vehicle and lost wages can easily underestimate what the true impact of a collision might be.

They might accept a settlement that is far below the total amount that insurance could have paid them and may then be unable to cover all of their losses. Before someone accepts an insurance settlement, they must first establish what the crash could cost them and determine how much insurance coverage is available.

Negotiating an insurance claim after a car crash can have a major influence on someone’s future quality of life and financial stability. People who understand the pitfalls of different arrangements may find it easier to handle insurance negotiations and may better understand why they need legal support during that process.