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5 benefits of expunging a juvenile record

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2024 | Criminal Defense

Having a criminal record can affect your life in many ways. If you have a juvenile record and want your records cleared, you can go through an expungement process.

This legal procedure may seal certain offenses in your criminal record. It prevents the public from viewing information your involvement in select felonies and misdemeanors from state databases. This may include details about your arrest, court records, penalties imposed after conviction and other specifics regarding your case.

What are the benefits of expunging a juvenile record?

Erasing a part of your past that no longer describes who you are today may be a step toward a better future. If your request for expungement of a juvenile record is approved, it can benefit you in many ways:

  • Redemption and peace of mind: The weight of a conviction and the stigma that comes from it may take a toll on your mental health. Once your records are expunged, it is possible to have a life free of judgment regarding your past.
  • Access to better education: Whether that is for college or a graduate program, you may gain a fighting chance if you have a clean record. Most schools do background checks and this may affect your application.
  • More housing options: Another situation where a background check is needed is when you are looking for housing options. Some landlords tend to check a potential tenant’s history before signing a contract.
  • Better career opportunities: If your records are expunged, you may pursue career opportunities not easily available to individuals with a criminal history.
  • Lower insurance premiums: Expunging convictions like a DUI case may help lower your insurance premiums, saving you more money.

Who is eligible for expungement?

To start the legal process, you must check if you are eligible for expungement based on your state’s laws. In Missouri, crimes that may be eligible for expungement are non-violent offenses.  Initially, it may be best to seek legal advice to see if you meet the criteria for expungement before moving forward.