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3 reasons car crashes result in civil litigation in Missouri

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2023 | Personal Injury

In Missouri, those harmed by another person have the option of pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. Many people are averse to the idea of taking someone else to court even when they know that person has caused them harm and financial losses. Yet, this is an aversion that sometimes does far more harm than good.

Particularly after a car crash, there is often an assumption that insurance will take care of an injury victim. The idea that going to court is the best option may seem strange to many people. However, that is actually the case for many individuals recently affected by a car crash. These are a few of the reasons why those dealing with the aftermath of a collision may take their matter to civil court.

There isn’t adequate insurance coverage

Although Missouri does require that every driver carry insurance, many drivers will only carry what the state mandates. Drivers only need to have $25,000 in property damage liability coverage. The minimum for personal injury liability coverage is the same, although it does go up to $50,000 in cases where two or more people get hurt or die in a crash. When someone’s medical expenses are higher than that, they may have no choice but to take the matter to civil court.

Some injuries inspire lasting consequences

Even in a situation where the other vehicle is a semi-truck that has $750,000 worth of coverage, people with catastrophic injuries may have expenses that far exceed that amount. They will rely on insurance to not just pay their medical bills but also to replace lost wages. After spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, amputations or fatalities, personal injury lawsuits may be the only reasonable solution for recouping what one has lost.

Grieving families want closure

Wrongful death lawsuits allow those grieving the unexpected death of a family member to seek financial reimbursement for the losses they have suffered and will suffer in the future. Additionally, wrongful death lawsuits can provide families with a sense of closure or vindication. Not every fatal car crash will lead to the successful prosecution of the person responsible for the wreck. A wrongful death lawsuit can give families a sense of justice when the courts declare someone responsible for the death of someone they loved.

There is nothing frivolous or inappropriate about making use of the laws in place for the protection of those harmed by others. As a result, overcoming the emotional aversion to a personal injury lawsuit may benefit those seriously harmed by the negligence or misconduct of another party.